Why We Use the Chi Machine

How the Chi Machine Can Be Beneficial to Your Health

My introduction to the Chi Machine was totally providential. I was at a convention in Salt Lake City during the summer of 2000. I accidentally bumped into Marlene Grauwels from Wisconsin, chatted briefly, and exchanged business cards with her. When I saw "Chi Machine" on her card, I was definitely curious. As a history teacher, I knew "Chi" meant "energy" in Chinese and asked Marlene to tell me more. When I heard it improved circulation, I said, "Order me one."

I have had poor blood circulation in my lower legs and feet my whole life. It didn't stop me from participation in every activity possible growing up and becoming an avid walker as an adult. But I always had achy legs, cold feet and purplish toes throughout my 24 years of teaching. Looking back, I don't know how I did it! Now because of the Chi Machine, all of that has changed - and I have pink toes! My energy level and immune system have dramatically improved.

I first got on the Chi Machine for 3 minutes; and when I got up, I said "Wow!" That was probably the first time I got an adequate amount of circulation through my lower legs. I immediately called my mother, Pinkie, because I hoped it would help her too. In 1996 she had a brain tumor the size of a baseball removed. While the surgeons were prepping her for surgery, they discovered she had congestive heart failure and atrial fibrillation. She had been misdiagnosed with Alzheimer's and overmedicated.

Mama survived the surgery, but two weeks later, blood clots destroyed a whole lung and half of the other. The doctors said it was a miracle she survived and that her brain, heart and lung cells could not rejuvenate. For four long years her personality seemed gone, and her quality of life was greatly diminished. She was also diagnosed with diabetes. She couldn't drive and became dependent on others for just about everything. My sister Chandler became her primary caregiver.

The week after I got my Chi Machine, I brought it along on our family vacation at Gulf Shores, Alabama. We put Mama on the Chi Machine for one minute the first day and for a minute and a half the next. The second day she took a walk down to the beach! It was incredible! A week later she was walking around the grocery store without using the motorized cart!

After eight months of using the Chi Machine, Mama's personality came back, and her health improved dramatically. Mama's neurosurgeon was totally amazed and gave her permission to drive again! We never dreamed she would be able to drive again! After using the Chi Machine for a year, her cardiologist told us Mama did not have congestive heart failure anymore. Who ever heard of that? Her lungs are now normal, she does water aerobics for exercise, and she uses the Chi Machine for 12 minutes twice a day. Mama's doctor took her off the diabetes medication because watching her diet and using the Chi Machine daily keeps her blood sugar under control. My mother has her life back because of the Chi Machine!

Joffrion Mitts

New Orleans, LA


My name is Jim Canada and my age is 84. Twenty years ago I began looking for things that hopefully would make my golden years more bearable and lengthy.

In recent years however, my health had declined. I had been to two orthopedic surgeons and two chiropractors plus an acupuncturist. They all advised me the discs in my back were badly worn, that I had bone spurs and arthritis and that an operation was the only way out. In addition to the above, my legs had suddenly quit functioning well; they were tired all the time. I had stopped playing golf two years ago and had also decided to give up gardening - my two favorite hobbies. We had to install a hand rail for the first three steps going up to the front porch. I had arthritis in both knees and in my left shoulder joint.

In November of 2003 I was introduced to the Chi Machine by Dr. Steven Novil. Upon his recommendation I placed an order for the Chi Machine and it arrived November 9. After using the Chi Machine twice daily in 15 minute sessions, the following things happened: my left shoulder was the first thing that responded to the machine. It now has a full range of motion. My back has improved to the point where I don't even think of an operation. My knees are bearable. Today, I can go up the steps two at a time. Last week I made a call on one of the local health spas and I had to climb two sets of steps which had eight landings.

When people guess my age, it is usually in the sixties. I am so grateful for the Chi Machine.

Jim Canada


(I sold Christine a Chi Machine 9 years ago when she was 91. On June 26, 2010, Christine celebrated her 100th birthday! Joffrion Mitts).

Nine years ago Christine wrote this testimonial:

There is a great new life for this 91 year old user of the CHI MACHINE! Take the listed benefits of the CHI MACHINE and go down the line. I am breathing deeper, able to get down and up off the floor - a feat unheard of for the last 10 years because of knee problems - and walk erectly. In fact, my friends note my vim, vigor, and vitality. Thanks to Chandler, Pinkie and Joffrion Mitts for introducing me to the CHI MACHINE! I am really sold on the CHI!!

Chrstine Buckley

Gulfport, MS

(Today, after 9 years of using the CHI MACHINE, at age 100 Christine still loves her CHI MACHINE!)


My name is David L. Greer. I am 55 years old, married to my wonderful wife Nellie and have two wonderful sons, Keith and Brian. I have been self-employed all my life, except for the time I was in the service. I have had diabetes for over ten years. I went through the same problems as most diabetics do which include, lack of circulation in the legs and neuropathy cramping of the muscles in the legs and feet. The feet are the worst when they cramp up in the arch of the foot. You’ve never felt such pain in your life.

In the fall of 1998, I scratched the front of my right leg on a rose bush while cleaning up in the yard. This little scratch became infected even though I cleaned and disinfected it. It wouldn't heal; it just kept getting more infected. When it seemed to me that it wasn't healing, I went to a doctor. The recommendation was to treat it with an antibiotic cream. This went on for four months. I returned to the doctor every day to have the bandages removed, the wound cleaned, and fresh bandages applied. When the doctor felt he couldn't do anything more for me, he referred me to a “wound center”; many of the patients treated here are diabetics with wounds. After a year, the wound had just gotten bigger and deeper down to the bone. It began to smell from gangrene. The doctor there told me that there was nothing else they could do to help this heal. They advised me that the next step was to amputate the leg. Of course, I didn't want this to happen because once the doctors start cutting they don't stop. They continued to call the house for me to make arrangements to go to the hospital. I decided I didn't want to go through all that. So I asked God for help, but I was preparing to meet him. I guess the Lord God in his wisdom had other plans for me.

 This is what happened. A friend told my wife about a new machine that might help me. Nellie began reading about the Chi Machine. Our friend offered to loan us their machine to try it. Nellie came home with the machine and told me to go on it at least three or four times a day for five minutes. Of course, I looked at this stupid machine and wasn't very impressed; in fact I didn't want any part of it. She insisted and I went on it three times a day for seven days. On the seventh day I got off the machine and my right leg started itching. That may not sound like much to you, but I hadn't had any feeling in my right leg for a long time. I unwrapped the wound and saw that it was all scabbed over and it started to heal. Today - as I am writing this - it almost sounds biblical. It's a year later now and my leg is completely healed and I have no more cramps in my feet. As far as I am concerned, the Chi Machine saved my life.

David L. Greer


I was so inspired when I heard the healing story of Joffrion's mother that I was anxious to try the CHI MACHINE on my mama who has been suffering with emphysema, (COPD) for several years. Some days she had been dependent on the wheelchair even to move from room to room in her house while using continuous nasal oxygen. Even then, she exhibited labored breathing almost constantly. After only one minute on the CHI MACHINE, I noticed a dramatic difference in her breathing. During the rest period while she was still lying on the floor, I could hardly believe how much slower and effortless her breathing was. She was so quiet that I found myself staring to see if she was still breaming. Prior to the CHI MACHINE, she had not been attending church regularly because of the constant coughing and the effort it took to get in and out of the vehicle, struggling with humidity, etc.

 The first Sunday after starting the CHI MACHINE, she attended Mass. Not only did she sit in the pew instead of the wheelchair in the aisle, but she also walked up the aisle to receive Communion. Within the first week, I looked out and saw her with a garden hose in her hand rinsing off the carport until noon. She had previously been unable to tolerate the humidity just getting in and out of the house to get to her vehicle. It had been years since I had seen mama doing that kind of activity. The second week she told me she had actually gone an entire day without coughing. Prior to this she had been plagued with continuous coughing and frequent bouts of strangulating episodes from mucus that was continuously forming in her lungs and sinuses. Her improvement was dramatic! Later she traveled with her husband to Biloxi in their motor home and stayed overnight at Beau Rivage! Also mama's sleep is now so much deeper and more restful— all due to the benefits of the CHI MACHINE!

Linda Pellegrin Porche, Chauvin, LA.


On March 10, 2008, a friend of mine asked me to sit in on a presentation for the Chi Machine and give her my opinion of it. She said all she knew was that it was a form of oxygen therapy, and her doctor suggested she take a look at it. After meeting Joffrion, the representative demonstrating the Chi Machine, and trying it for the first time, I asked questions like how much and when could I get started! I was excited because my results were instant and continuous. I immediately felt more energy and vitality. I started becoming more active in the exercise routine I had just begun that day. I started losing weight and feeling good, and the results just continued getting better and better. I went from running twice last year to almost every single day since using the Chi Machine. Heck, the very first day I "cycled" on the CHI MACHINE about 8 times. It was love at first cycle.

 In just a few short weeks, I purchased a SOQI Bed and became a Supervisor Level Distributor and really started reaping the benefits of the Far Infrared (Thermal) Therapy from the HotHouse, the Oxygen Therapy from the Chi Machine and the Meditative Music that plays from within the bed and enhances your meditative experience. Meditation is certainly a tool that must be on everyone's agenda.

 After sharing machine after machine with friends and like-minded people, the E-POWER was introduced to me by Joffrion, and my results started to skyrocket and continue to surprise me. In just 2 1A months of using the SOQI BED (Chi Machine and 3 HotHouses) and the E-POWER, my waistline went from 40" to 32"! I soon was promoted to Manager Level Distributor and won my first free trip to San Diego, CA. I would encourage everyone that reads this to try a CHI MACHINE, learn how to correctly cycle with it, keep it for a week and enjoy the benefits.

John Rebstock Metairie, LA.


How could I have it when I never even heard of it (ie Fibromyalgia). Since 1993, my life became filled with doctors, therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and massage therapists for six years. I suffered from constant pain, chronic fatigue, deep depression and insomnia. I could not concentrate to read a book, and I could not remember things that once were so easy for me,

 Finally after a battery of inconclusive tests and so many doctors who did not know what was wrong with me, a young Chinese woman doctor came up with the Fibromyalgia diagnosis. I had come to believe I would just have to live with it and take a barrage of medications for depression, pain and insomnia for the rest of my life.

 I was in constant pain with muscle spasms in my neck, right shoulder and back. I had undergone weekly Trigger Point injections to no avail. Temporary relief would happen but before the end of the week, I was beside myself with pain again. I was also going to an acupuncturist, chiropractor and massage therapist.

 My Internal Medicine doctor and my chiropractor convinced me to try the Chi Machine after they both had seen amazing results in their personal circle of friends. I borrowed a Chi Machine video, and decided that perhaps I should try one more effort. I made the "ONE" call that gave me back my life and my energy.

 The Chi Machine was delivered for a two-week trial period. On the fifth day, I knew I had found the answer that would give a better life back to my husband and me. My husband Steve had been very understanding and caring during this whole time with Fibromyalgia, but I also knew he was tired of having a new wife who could not do the things that we used to enjoy so much, such as dancing and entertaining.

I have not had injections for fifteen weeks now and my energy level is back. Also I have lost twelve pounds that I had not been able to lose before because of the side-effects of the many medications I was taking. I have cut my medication level in half, which thrills my doctor, Gloria Trujillo, in Longmont (Colorado). Thank God, Dr. Trujillo is a young open-minded woman who has retained the human touch. Her patients know she truly cares about them and their pain. She treats many Fibromyalgia patients.

 I thank God for the Chi Machine which has given me back my life!

Carole Applegarth



I'm so happy to have the Chi Machine in my life. My family and friends have experienced wonderful benefits and awesome results. I've shared the Chi Machine with my clients who are doing the 9 to 5, kids, and busy life just like you and I. What I've discovered is that put them on the Chi Machine for 3-5 minutes before the session, it brings them to the relaxing state of Alpha, circulates the cerebral spinal fluid, and stimulates the lymphatic system, therefore allowing my work to benefit them deeply.

Connie Stoner,

Massage Therapist,

St. Paul, MN.


Where I work, every week I have a nurse check my oxygen and my blood pressure levels. In May of 1998 I went to get my physical for my life insurance, and my blood pressure was very high. Since I have been using the Chi Machine, my blood pressure has come down to a normal level.

Using the Chi Machine has also improved my oxygen levels. The oxygen-testing device tells what the body is assimilating; the nurse said anything around 88 is normal. Before I started "cluing" my level was around 80-81. With the Chi Machine, my level has elevated. Although I am 60 my levels are now 94 - the readings for a 30-45 year old.

So my oxygen levels have gone up and my blood pressure has gone down! The only thing I have done different is the Chi Machine. I feel wonderful and am so grateful for the Chi Machine.

D. Cottie

Salt Lake City, UT


When I was a teenager in the early 60s, I hurt my back moving a ski boat. The motor was stuck in the mud. I tried to lift the boat, but I slipped and my back went out. I lay in the water for a while before I got the energy to get up. I went to the doctor and had an x-ray the doctor said I would be okay if I would just be careful. I tried to be careful, but I threw it out from time to time over the years. I went to the chiropractor once or twice a month for 28 years!

Joffrion Mitts told me about the CHI MACHINE, and I got one in September 2000. I worked up to 20 minute sessions. I haven't been ack to the chiropractor for an adjustment since I've had the CHI MACHINE! When I went back to show my chiropractor the CHI MACHINE, she put me on the table and said I did not need an alignment.

In another incident when I was a teenager, my sister and I were running our horses and my foot got caught between the two horses and twisted around backward. The ligaments in my knee were torn, and throughout my life my knee would go out from time to time. I couldn't walk for two or three days. Now with the CM MACHINE my knee hasn't gone out for over two and a half years! I think everybody walking around should have a CHI MACHINE! And the ones who can't walk around need it even more!

Doug Prrester,

Montgomery, AL


I did it - 26.2 miles! I was so excited I had actually completed my first marathon. That was in January 2001. I realized then I was hooked and had found a new passion to pursue. I was able to achieve that goal then and continue even today with the help of the Chi Machine. That's the excitement I now share with others daily.

 I was first introduced to the Chi Machine by my sister. She was thrilled because the Chi Machine had dramatically improved the circulation in her legs and increased her energy level. My mother had undergone brain surgery four years earlier and afterwards had a very limited quality of life. After using the Chi Machine for eight months, her personality came back! I realized I needed my own Chi Machine.

 In the summer before my 50th birthday when I was introduced to the Chi Machine, I received information in the mail about participating in a marathon - something I had certainly never considered before. I learned that coaches would help with my training and I would have the opportunity to meet new friends, travel, and enjoy plenty of exercise as well. In addition, I would be helping many people by fundraising for a wonderful cause. I decided to accept the challenge!

As I began training, I was using my Chi Machine numerous times throughout the day, slowly increasing the length of each session. I had always enjoyed power walking and as I began getting into the longer distance trainings, I found that by using the Chi Machine before and afterwards, I was not experiencing the aches and pains so many of my fellow team members were. I also found I was sleeping better at night since it relieved stress and provided total relaxation to my body. During training, I surprised myself and began alternating jogging with my walking which was something I had never done before. I was also experiencing much more energy than usual because of the increased oxygenation the Chi Machine provided. My Chi Machine has traveled with me to all of my marathons. I was actually having so much fun with my new adventure and success that I decided to branch out to other types of fundraising events, including a century bike ride (100 miles) and a triathlon.

So far I have completed 12 full marathons and 28 half marathons and know I would not be continuing to pursue this passion if it weren't for the fabulous Chi Machine. I highly recommend the Chi Machine to everyone - not just those planning to do a marathon!

Janie Mitts Moore Houston, Texas


Six years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis by Dr. Shurmur at Vanderbuilt Hospital in Nashville, TN. I've tried all the medications for MS and I had severe reactions to all of them.

For the last 21/2 years I have had a headache and a swishing sound in my ears. This was 24 hours a day. My neurologist told me that it was caused by the myelin being eaten away from the nerve. He said nothing could be done, but after just two days on the Chi machine my headache was gone and the swishing sound in my ears was totally gone too!

I was taking sleeping pills and pain pills nightly, but still waking 3-4 times. After using the Chi machine for 3 weeks I'm sleeping the entire night without sleeping pills and having very little pain.

I very seldom take pain medication now and my energy level is much higher throughout the day.

The optic nerve in my right eye has been damaged from the M.S. but with the Chi Machine my sight is slowly returning.

I thank God that I was introduced to the Chi Machine. It has given me a much better quality of life.

Peggy Sebring Tennessee


In 1995, I was in a car accident and was hit from the rear. Two years later I was in severe pain, and the doctor said, "You need surgery now or you will be paralyzed." During the surgery I had a fusion and a metal plate put in my cervical vertebrae. After the surgery I didn't have the pain in my right side anymore, but I had pain in my left side. When I slept, I had major pain in my lower back. When I’d go to sleep at night, I would go from the sofa to the bed, and to the sofa and to another bed because I couldn't sleep due to pain in my shoulder all the way down to my lower back. I would wake up in the morning with pain and lived with the pain throughout much of the day.

In 2001 somebody told me about the Chi Machine that helped heal backaches, pain, - you name it – and I said, "I want one." So I called Joffrion Mitts. I asked her about it, and I said, "Order me one now!" I started doing my Chi Machine. I used it for four minutes, three times a day. As each week went by, I would increase the amount of time I used the Chi Machine. Every time I was hurting, I went and got on the Chi Machine. I faithfully did my Chi Machine every day and worked up to a week and a half to two weeks without pain!

Four years later, a chiropractor adjusted me on my metal plate and damaged a nerve in my neck. I cried my eyes out for days. I was doing the Chi Machine for eight minutes which was helping relieve the pain. But because it wasn't healing the nerve, I went back down to two minutes. Within a couple of months, that nerve was totally healed. In the past, I couldn't sleep on my left side because my whole side would go numb. With the Chi Machine all of that is gone. I can sleep with no numbness and no pain! The Chi Machine gives me energy too!

Terri Snow

Ponchatoula, LA


The Chi Machine is the greatest investment my husband and I have ever made! We both use it twice a day, every day. We are now full of energy and more relaxed in everything we do. I never would have taken the time to meditate before, but the The Chi Machine puts me into a meditative state. The Chi Machine is a blessing! I close my eyes and tune out the world. I feel unbelievable relaxation.

 I have been experiencing sciatic nerve pain for quite some time. I went to an orthopedic doctor and a chiropractor and got very little relief. The Chi Machine has given me tremendous relief. It has eased the tightness in my leg so that I can take long walks again. Before using the Chi Machine, I felt like I was walking with a peg leg. It would take me 35 minutes to walk to the neighborhood grocery store. Now it takes me 10 minutes! In order for me to have time to cross the street, the cars would have to stop. Now I walk briskly 4 or 5 miles a day!

I have lost 5 pounds without dieting because my metabolism has increased with the Chi Machine. My husband's psoriasis improved significantly in the first 6 weeks of using the Chi Machine. The Chi Machine has changed my life!!

Doris Cadow

New Orleans, LA


After learning about the Chi Machine from Johanna Chmiel and her sister, Linda Pellegrin Porche, and trying it for 4 minutes, I knew I had to have one. My health was taking a nosedive. All night long, due to sleep apnea, my husband spent his nights waking me up and telling me I wasn't breathing or that I was choking. Between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m., leg cramps would be so terrible I had to get out of bed and jump into the tub filled with hot water until they would stop.

Arthritis pain was so bad in my shoulders, I couldn't raise my arms above my head. My back and legs were in a lot of pain caused from a pinched sciatic nerve which kept me from doing my work and the things I enjoyed. I also was suffering from acid reflux and incontinence.

After using the Chi Machine two days, my sleep apnea was totally gone, and I was sleeping all night long! No more leg cramps! The shoulder pain was gone after the first week! I can now raise my arms above my head! The back and leg pains have disappeared, and I am now doing what I enjoy! It's been one month since I started using my Chi Machine, and I no longer have acid reflux! For the first time in years, I don't need protection for incontinence! God placed the Chi Machine in my hands, and it has created healing throughout my body. I feel like I have been given back 15 years of my life!

Yvonne LeBoef Chauvin, LA


About one month ago, I had one of the most stress-filled days I've ever had. I was walking across the parking lot on my way to my office. I felt really stressed due to an accumulation of things happening throughout the week that caused extreme pressure to build up. I thought, "This must be what it feels like to have a heart attack." When I reached my office, I asked my brother not to let any calls go through to me.

I closed the door, lay down on the floor to use the Chi Machine, set the dial for 20 minutes, and went out like a light. When the machine shut off, I woke up for a moment and fell right back to sleep. About 15 minutes later, I woke up feeling calm, not stressed, and to my surprise, I was very docile the rest of the day. No pill could have had that wonderful effect so quickly.

If you have a loved one who is constantly under stress, you need to get them a Chi Machine. Stress will shorten our life—it's a proven fact. If you could keep someone from having a heart attack, what would it be worth to you? You almost can't put a price on the Chi Machine.

Anyone that owns a business with employees could improve job performance and have happier employees if they made a Chi Machine available daily for 15 minutes of time out. Think about it!

Bob Nelson, St. Paul, MN



My brother-in-law had a stroke four years ago. For three and a half years he had no use of his right hand and had to hold it with his good hand. He could not write. He loved to fish with my husband, but he thought he probably would never be able to hold another fishing pole again because he was right-handed and he just couldn't use a fishing pole without his right hand. He dragged his foot when he walked, and he had a hard time getting anywhere if there were stairs. He also had disorientation in his thinking. He couldn't reason when he was hungry. He would just say, "I'm hungry," instead of acting on his own.

For the past six months he has been on the Chi Machine and the HotHouse (Far Infrared Dome), and now 100% of his paralysis is gone! He is better than he was before he had the stroke. He is 58 years old, and to be paralyzed for three and a half years and to have all the paralysis go away is nothing short of a miracle! We have had this happen dozens of times, but I share this account because it was my family this time. Can you imagine how my sister feels?!

Deanna Sudweeks Pleasant Grove, UT


I would recommend the Chi Machine in a heartbeat! For 5 months I had been in constant pain in my lower back. I have had this problem for 25 years off and on but it was finally getting serious. After spending just 10 minutes on the machine I had 5 or 6 hours pain free. The next day I bought one and I wouldn't give it back if I got a double refund.

 It's only been 13 days since I purchased my Chi Machine and I have not had any significant back pain during that time. If the muscles start feeling a little tight, I use it right away and I am fine.

I have also lost 10 pounds and my feet have stopped swelling. I have Type 2 diabetes and poor circulation was causing my feet to swell anytime I stood or walked for more than 15 or 20 minutes. That problem seems to be a thing of the past. Pleased with my machine? You bet!